The fool in tarot

Weekly Tarot Reading for 3rd January 2017

The weekly Tarot reading for 3rd January 2017 is centred around the theme of rejuvenation. I drew one card before I did a three card reading and the 10 of Swords Reversed came up. This prompted me to do a reading on what things can we do to bring a sense of rejuvenation into our lives this week?

Watch the video below for the full reading. Here is what is covered:

Activities to help rejuvenation: The Fool Reversed
Take risks this week without overthinking things. Approach life in light hearted ways and look for where you feel a sense of fun and what areas feel like you have absolutely no burdens.
Helpful or Hindering Energy: The page of Wands
What can you implement on a daily basis that would mean you feel rejuvenated to start the day and integrate it in a way that feels easy? What can you explore that you have not yet explored?
The outcome: 8 of Wands
Quick moving energy which will move faster than you anticipated!

Resources mentioned:

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