The weekly Tarot reading for the 4th-10th of December 2017 has revelealed the following cards:


The 5 of Swords Reversed

The Hanged Man

The Judgement card in TarotThis week you are being given an opportunity that challenges you to be more vulnerable to a calling of the Universe that goes beyond your day to day living. The Judgement card is about listening to what your higher self has to say about a certain situation in your life that you may have been resistant to listening to before. Are you willing to hear the call? Are you willing to sit in quiet meditation to hear what your spirit is trying to tell you?

This card is perfect as we come to the end of yet another year and reflect upon what 2017 meant to us both collectively and personally. It also helps us to close some doors where we are seeking a new beginning, and if we have been willing to follow our deepest intuition, new beginnings are close by which are richly rewarding on a spiritual level.

But the thing that could hold you back here is the energy of the 5 of Swords reversed. This card will affect you if you have not been true to your inner callings and promptings of your deepest intuitions. You may have had a certain conflict in your life where there has not been a balance of power and this could be dominating your mind and your actions where you might seek some kind of revenge or payback to people who have either hurt you or you feel something was taken from you that left you feeling disempowered.

The Hanged Man In TarotThe key to moving on from this is to accept that some battles in life are just not worth the fight and you may sometimes have to sacrifce your goals or opinions or point of view for the greater good, but also for your own good because holding firm to certain things sometimes causes more harm than good. The Hanged man is also about accepting that sometimes you have to really give your inner voice some time to come forward and speak to you in ways you understand and ways you feel convinced about. It may require that you are willing to look at things in a completely different persepctive to the extreme where your beliefs are turned on their head and you have a new subjective view about your life and the world.

Actions to take this week.

Take some time for quiet reflection to hear your deepest intutions. Let go of conflicts where there is a battle of wills going on. Someone is going to win here at the cost of everyone else, which at the end of the day, no one really wins because no one has experienced the full depth of their power. Be patient while you allow new promptings of your deepest intuitions to come through. The wait will be worth it and your life perceptions will be changed into something thatr results in living with more directed purpose.

How do Tarot Readings work?

I made a quick video this week to highlight my Tarot reading philosophy and why I think the Tarot is not about predicting the future. Check it out below.

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