In the weekly Tarot Reading for 9th to Weekly Tarot Reading15th July 2018 I focused on the following questions:

  • What do we need to let go of?
  • What do we need to embrace?
  • What’s the over all feel for the week?

The cards that came up were:

  • Ace of Swords
  • The Tower
  • King Of Wands Reversed
  • Oracle Card: Intuition.

What do we need to let go of?

The Ace of Swords in TarotMy immediate feeling from this reading was that we need to let go of a sense that we can win at all costs. The Ace of Swords is a card that holds tremendous power in relation to new beginnings and mental clarity. However, in the context of this reading around the first question I feel it is indicating that wielding our sword around in calculating ways in order to forge our position will likely do more harm than good. This card suggests that if we spend too much time in mental activity rather than dropping down into our heart space we may risk creating excessive problems for ourselves and this is further confirmed by the next card-The Tower.

What do we need to embrace?

In terms of what we need to embrace, The Tower relates to rapid change and events that may feel as if they strike out of nowhere. I feel if we are too much in our head and not using the raw power of the Ace of Swords wisely, change is going to be very hard on us. The Tower can indicate that things that have been building up in our life both personally and collectively which we have not been paying attention to might finally burst open this week causing us to have to face what we may not have been willing to look at. The question is-how will you embrace it? This does not have to be a card of doom and gloom-it can be a powerful release of energy that is needed in order for you to restore some peace in your life and let go of things that are not serving you or the greater good.

Over all feeling for the week + main question to ask:

King of Wands in TarotThe over all feel for the week being the King Of Wands Reversed suggests that we may temporarily feel we have lost our authority and this could lead us to feel vulnerable and out of control, especially with the presence of The Tower. The King Of Wands relates to leadership, mastery over our creative abilities thus bringing goals and aspirations to fruition. In a reversed position, the card can relate to being ruthless and impulsive and therefore not having full control of our physical life. The Tower may lead you to feel a sense of everything being chaotic and therefore vulnerable to making hasty decisions.

So the central issue and question to ask this week if this is something you can relate to at the moment is:

How can I calmly navigate sudden changes and avoid making impulsive decisions while using the raw power of my intellect without reverting to ‘war like’ thinking?

Oracle Card Of The Week: Intuition

Sacred Power Reading CardsI feel now more than ever in all of history we all need to develop our intuition and explore what our minds and brains are capable of. We need to connect more without intuition to navigate the increasing complexities of life. The first step to getting in touch with our intuition is the practice of meditation to calm and still our mind. If our mind is always busy, we will miss the deeper promptings from our heart and will have difficulty establishing the link between the heart and brain. We need to be still and listen.

Practices you can try to increase your intuition

  • First thing in the morning, practice meditation. You only need 10-15 minutes and just focus on being behind your eyes. This will help to connect to your pineal gland which is said to be the seat of consciousness. I also find that using sound technology helps me to focus and get into the zone. Check out some free sound technology here.
  • In order to allow intuition to flow in, sometimes we just have to let go of excessive emotional turmoil. On of my favourite ways to do this is with the Qigong 6 healing sounds. Check them out here and have a go now!
  • The other place I like to focus on is my gut. There is a reason why people say ‘trust your gut feelings’. I get into the sensations of my gut-does it feel tight? relaxed? Do I have pain? Is it easy to breath from my gut? The answers to these questions help me determine where my body is at and therefore how my external environment as well as internal thoughts are affecting me. If I feel tight in the abdominal area, there may be ‘undigested anger’ that I have not recognised. Or perhaps if my breathing is not easy, then I may have been rushing around too much or over thinking things and not allowing my energy to ground. The sensations in your body are a good place to start when connecting with your intuition because as they say ‘the body is the barometer of the soul’.
  • Be sure that you move your body everyday and get outside as much as possible so you can absorb the earths natural ions. If you can be in a nature setting-this would be ideal.
  • Learn to read Tarot cards and all the associated symbols and keep a daily journal where you pull one card per day and reflect on the meaning of that card and how it relates to your life and the lives of others and the broader global community. Tip: If you watch the news, see if you can link global events to the archetypes of the Tarot. You will start to see that life is a series of patterns rather than random events.
  • One thing that has helped me increase my intuition was taking Jeffrey Allen’s ‘Duality’ course (read my review of it here). Jeffrey has a talent of presenting ideas and concepts around intuition which really helps the complete beginner understand what intuition really is. Here is a breakdown of what the course covers:
  • Week 1: Energy Awareness And Personal Presence
  • Week 2: Mental And Intuitive Clarity
  • Week 3: Healing & Energizing Your Body
  • Week 4: Empathy & Healthy Personal Boundaries
  • Week 5: Chakra Healing For Communication & Manifestation
  • Week 6:Changing Your Beliefs
  • Week 7: Accessing Your Intuition
  • Week 8: Accessing Your Higher Awareness

I highly recommend it and I still use his techniques on a daily basis in my meditation sessions. You can access a free training online here.

Jeffrey Allen Duality Masterclass

What do you think? Did this reading resonate with you? Have you checked out last weeks reading to see if it lined up with your experience? Feel free to let me know by commenting below!