WEekly Tarot Reading9th January 2017
The weekly Tarot reading for 9th January 2017 is focused around a ‘past, present, future’ spread.
Firstly, Happy New Year everyone! According to numerology, we have a very exciting year ahead of us in relation to abundance and new beginnings on a global level. The Universal number for the year 2017 is number 1, which means new starts, opportunity, potential and inspiration. The world has undergone a transformation over the last 9 year cycle and last year was a year for letting go of the old in order to welcome the new.

Time for major change.

The last year we were in the first year of another 9 year cycle was 2008, and as you might remember, this was the year the world economy crashed which set off a chain reaction for the next 9 years for a number of things which have shaped our destiny worldwide. It also highlighted where there was much corruption in the world and the previous 9 years has been all about working our way through that. While the world is far from perfect now, I feel it is generally moving in a more positive direction. Many more people are waking up to connect with their divinity and this has a ripple effect on everyone.
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The beginning of a 9 year cycle is important.

 The choices we make especially in the first month of the first year of the 9 year cycle set the tone for what is to come. So this month is a great time to focus on areas you would like to change in your life.
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Onto the universal weekly Tarot reading.

Past: 4 of Swords
Present:2 of Pentacles
Future:The Hermit Reversed.
Last week you may have taken some time out to rest and reflect on your year ahead and given yourself a break from any restless thoughts and energy you may have had leading up to New Years Eve.  The 4 of Swords suggests it was an ideal time to spend in meditation or prayer of some sort to let any chaotic energies subside and to rejuvenate yourself from the turmoil of the previous year. Many welcomed in 2017 with relief knowing that on a global level we are entering into another big shift of consciousness.
2-of-pentacles in TarotThis week you may find yourself juggling your time and energy as well as emotions. The 2 of Pentacles may lead you to feel an urge to get back into the business of life, however don’t be too quick to commit to projects or plans that are going to leave you feeling as if you already have too much on your plate. As good as the fresh new energy of a new year is where we often we want to make many changes all at once, it is also a good time to really sort through what our top priorities are in order to be effective in all that we do.
When it comes to relationships, you may be looking at who it is you really want to spend your precious time with whether that be certain friendships or more intimate relationships. As we are all setting the tone for the year ahead as well as the next 9 years, we would be wise to look at who we feel the most connected to and focus our attention there and let go of spending time with people we don’t feel much affinity with yet feel a kind of obligation to spend time with. We only have one life, so spending it in ways that feel like quality to us is important.
When it comes to money, the 2 of Pentacles relates to balancing your budget, not over spending while you juggle your urge to want to buy new things before you have the money to do it. Be in touch with what feels good when it comes to money- does it feel better to spend it but go into debt over something you want, or does it feel better to delay gratification until you can buy the things you want and stay within a budget? There is no right answer here, and it will depend on what your intuition and emotions are telling you on a deeper level if you are prepared to sit and look at them in honest ways.
The Hermit in TarotNext week The Hermit Reversed is suggesting you may feel as if the positive energy of the New Year has lost its shine a little and have some feelings of isolation and loneliness. Next week is a good time to reconnect with your divine source, because when we are truly connected, it is it is impossible to feel lonely and cut off from the world. It is more important than ever to feel our deep intuition to navigate the coming changes this year where relying on logic alone will leave us feeling as if we have no flow in our life. So, if you feel some waves of isolation next week or even this week, stop and use your favourite method for connecting with your source.  One of the easiest ways is simply to get out in nature for a day and come home feeling like new!
So overall, it seems that the general energy according to this universal Tarot reading is indicating that although we may feel we want to get back into busy routines and distraction, there is still a pull towards reflection, rest and connecting to source. Aim to balance your inner life and your outer physical life this week, and don’t be too quick to commit to new things without considering all the options and consequences first.
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Until next week, wishing you Love and Light!
Liz. xx