The weekly Tarot reading for November 7th-13th indicates that emotions will be running high. This is not surprising given that we are leading up to a super moon on the 14th of November which will be the biggest moon we have had in 70 years. It is a week for relationships, creativity, expression and unblocking yourself from things that might be holding you back, and making space to enter into your deep intuition.

What you are being shown: 3 of Cups Reversed

What is opposing you: The Two of Cups

Where you focus will help the most: The Queen of Cups

The 3 of Cups in TarotThe Three of Cups reversed indicates that if there is a situation you feel uneasy about this week regarding a group of people, you should trust your intuition. Perhaps you are dealing with a situation where your creativity seems blocked and this week you are being shown examples of where this is the case. If you have been feeling that it seems that everyone else is having more fun and you are not part of the party then ask yourself why you don’t feel included. Ask yourself what steps you can take to reconnect to people you may have lost touch with and how you might create some fun times again.

You may also feel that you are lacking abundance in some area of your life when it comes to your personal life and what gives you the most positive feelings. If your troubles are mostly around a love affair, you may feel concerned that there is more than the two of you within this relationship and it might be time to consider whether this is something you are willing to put up with or put someone else through.

2 of Cups in TarotThe Two of Cups in the position of what might be opposing you or blocking you indicates that there is either a personal relationship, business relationship or a duality within yourself that you feel you are being held back by.  It is almost as if the situation you find yourself in feels like you can’t move forward with your true passions and desires, and there may be a person in your life you are holding responsible for that blockage. Or, perhaps you are wanting to celebrate with someone special, yet they are unwilling to come and celebrate with you and this is leaving you feeling left out and disappointed.

queen-of-cupsHowever, the Queen of Cups is here to help you. I feel she showed up in this reading to remind us that true happiness resides within, and it is our job to discover what we really want in any given situation and then find creative and constructive ways to express our desires to those around us in  a way that is honest, full of integrity and truthful and wanting the best for all people concerned rather than just a concern for ourselves. The Queen of Cups is extremely in touch with her intuition, is highly sensitive and has heightened awareness of the needs of others but also the needs of herself. She is full of grace and skillfully navigates her highly charged emotions.

Questions to ask yourself this week:

  • Where might I be blaming others for feeling as if I am not moving forward in life?
  • Where might I be feeling left out and what is one constructive action I can take this week that will alleviate that feeling?
  • In what ways can I get in touch with my emotions this week and express them in constructive ways to others rather than destructive ways?

My tips:

  • Take some time to be centered within before you begin your day.
  • Trust what you feel, but ask how you can express it to others that does not make them wrong yet gives them an honest account of what you are experiencing.

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