The weekly Tarotscopes for 11th-17th of June have revealed the following cards. You can scroll down to read if you prefer or watch the video below. Enjoy! xx

Aries: 3 of Swords Reversed

Three of swords in TarotThe fire energy that was depleted in your last week tarotscope is beginning to resolve itself this week. The 3 of Swords reversed is indicating that the things that were causing you pain from the recent past are beginning to clear themselves up and move out of your energy field. That rainy day feeling that was putting out your fire is moving past you and pointing you towards a sense of peace that you have been looking for. This card often relates to breakups, divorce and deception but in the case it is reversed it is indicating resolution of any kind of heartbreak you may feel about a particular situation.

Taurus: Ace of Pentacles Reversed

ace-of-pentacles in tarotThe energy from your card last week which was The Tower has sparked a new beginning within you or around you, but at this point in time you may not be seeing it. But as the suit of Pentacles relates to the material realms of life you may have an opportunity to take on a new direction when it comes to business or career or financial investment. However, you may still be reeling from the changes that last week’s card brought up for you indicating sudden change which took you by surprise. If you are not feeling abundant at the moment, don’t lose heart, there are positive practical solutions around for you at the moment-you just need to allow yourself to see them.

Gemini: The World Reversed

The World In TarotWhere are you feeling like you have things that are not completed or not resolved? The World card in Tarot represents finality and a sense you have finally achieved or experienced something you have been aiming at for some time. However, when this card is reversed, you may have either not quite reached the pinnacle or you have made some choices along the way leading to things being left incomplete. ‘Unfinished business’ is a common theme of this card where you may have left something unattended that needs closure in order for you to keep the flow of energy in your life moving forward and not stagnating. Ask yourself what areas this may relate to and don’t waste anymore time attending to them because The World card carries a great deal of energy with it and relates to major archetypal patterns. Is there a relationship that is within your power to gain some closure around? Or perhaps it is unfinished studies or assignments that need to be attended to which will have an impact on your future. What ever it is Gemini, find what is not finished in your life.

Cancer:The 5 Of Pentacles Reversed

5 of pentacles in tarotHave you lost your way a little Cancerians? The 5 of Pentacles is indicating that you may feel left out in the cold and possibly experiencing some health challenges or financial woes or generally feeling as if you don’t belong where you are. If you feel like this, know that this is a temporary state of being and this too shall pass. Now is a time to reach out for practical help and get some things in order that you are finding difficult to manage yourself. If you have financial pressure you feel you can’t manage, ask someone to go over the way you manage your money so you can get more of a hold of what is coming in and what is going out. Where this relates to feeling excluded from the warmth and connection to others, make an effort this week to attend to some relationships which may have fallen by the wayside. Although you feel they may have pushed you away, the reality of the situation is that you may have had more to do with feeling excluded from their company than you realise due to feeling as if you need to protect yourself from something. It might be time to open up and express yourself Cancer.

Leo:The Devil

The Devil Card in TarotYou are in for a fun filled week Leo where The Devil card is indicating some potent energy around enjoyment, and material pleasures. Be aware however that you are walking a fine line between good clean fun and over indulging. Keep in mind if you are attending social gatherings this week you may be prone to becoming intoxicated with various substances, or you may meet someone who you find extremely attractive, yet you know in your heart that this person is likely not a good fit for you for any long term commitment. Be careful with your energy this week Leo-you tendency to want to have a good time may run into excess this week and lead you to some negative consequences if you are not aware of your choices in the moment.

Virgo: 6 of Wands

6 of Wands in TarotLast week’s theme of ‘6’ is continuing with you this week Virgo where the 6 of Wands is indicating a path of united success with others. If you have been feeling like you don’t have others on your side lately, this week should resolve that and you will find yourself on the same page and wanting to go in the same direction. This week is a week of extrovert action where you take your goals and run with them! You will have the most success if you are able to allow others to help you get there and going by this card, the support is certainly around you. Keep your eye on the prize Virgo-you are moving in the right direction. Don’t doubt your efforts.

Libra: The Sun

The Sun Card in Tarot

What ever has been a challenge for you lately Libra is due for a positive outcome. Whenever the happy positive energy of The Sun in Tarot shows itself it is an indication that there is nothing for you to take too seriously in relation to things you may perceive as a challenge. You have luck on your side your spirit is calling you to be free and childlike again. Physically this could mean you experience more energy than your usual state, and spiritually this could mean you are reaching a state of more enlightenment about your perception of reality and the things you have most been wanting are starting to bear some fruit and show themselves to you. If you find this is not your current emotional set point, take this as a sign that it is time to call upon ‘light’ to enter the situation you find yourself in to help disperse the darkness. Remember, we don’t find our solutions by continuing to look at what we think is wrong-we find our solutions by embracing a new view of reality and allowing it to shift our energy.

Scorpio: Knight Of Wands

knight of wands in tarotThe energy of the Knight of Wands is indicating that this week is a time to move quickly on your goals and passions. It is not a time to keep thinking about what it is you want to be/do/have-it is a time to move on it and take the steps you know you need to take to make things happens. The Knight of Wands is a strong positive fire energy where his enthusiasm for what he wants will see him through to the goal. The only downside of this card is that it could lead to being impulsive, but for you this week Scorpio-this is what you need. Don’t over think things and just go for things. Sometimes it is better to just go for it without thinking about it and deal with any consequences later. If you took the time to think about what negative things could happen as a result of your action, you may not take the action needed to get what you want.

Sagittarius: Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune in TarotIf you heeded last week’s message where it was imperative for you to start basing your actions from your heart and what your soul is calling you to do, the Wheel of Fortune this week is indicating that your luck is changing and you will be over come by positive sweeping changes-the kind of changes you have been wanting for a while. Be sure to keep your inner elements of fire, earth, water and air in balance-or another way of thinking of this is spirit, emotions, physical body and mental body and you will be more able to embrace the success and change you desire. For some tips on keeping these aspects in balance, have a look at this post which details exercises you can do for more balance of your inner alchemy.

Capricorn: King of Pentacles reversed

king-of-pentacles in tarotThis week you may be around someone who wants to control you and is stubborn in their ways. Or is this you? Your usual fixed energy may be out of balance this week Capricorn with the King of Pentacles indicating behaviors or attitudes that are not allowing flow into your life and blocking others from flowing with you. Where you feel this is not the case, who is it around you that is showing extreme stubbornness where you are perceiving them to ‘get in your way’ of having the things that you want? The King of Pentacles reversed can be a warning that you could be used by someone for their own material gain, or perhaps you may not be relying on your own resources enough and expecting someone else to fulfill your needs that you really should be seeking via your own merit.

Aquarius:4 of Pentacles

The 4 of Pentacles in tarot

The 4 of Pentacles in tarot

The stability continues for you Aquarius and this week indicates that areas of financial concern are a productive focus for you. It is time to take stock of what is going to give you a secure foundation going into your future. Take a moment to look at the financial gain you have already acquired (indicated by the figures feet which are stepping on coins), and what ways you would like to be earning money that is more enjoyable to you (indicated by the coin at the figures chest-in otherwise’the ‘heart’ and what is important when it comes to personal integrity and values) and what ways you could increase your financial gain (the coin on the figures head-indicating what is ‘coming to mind-e.g ideas, inspirations, mental clarity). Ask yourself how might you make the most of all of this structured positive energy on the material plane?


Pisces: Page of Wands Reversed

Page of Wands in TarotAre you in a funk this week Pisces? Are you finding it hard to get inspired to do much or see what your next move might be? The Page of Wands reversed is indicating that you may have lost some motivation to keep pursuing something you feel is exciting, meaningful or pleasurable to you. Perhaps you started on a certain path, but have recently realised it was not the right path and now you are left wondering what is going to be next. Don’t allow setbacks to dampen your creative energies Pisces-this too shall pass and this week might be a time to allow yourself to pause and reflect for a bit without feeling like you need to take action on anything so you can allow your subconscious mind to give you answers that you have within.

Tarot Tip of the week: 5 Steps

  1. Grab a coffee
  2. Pick up your cards
  3. Intend to find a solution to a problem or challenge you are experiencing
  4. Shuffle your cards and choose your favourite spread to work with
  5. Write your reflections in your journal and gain more CLARITY over the situation

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