Welcome to the weekly Tarotscopes for 4th-10th June 2018. Feel free to watch the video below or scroll down to read your sign. Times stamps for video:

Aries 1:08, Taurus 1:50, Gemini 2.30, Cancer 3:14, Leo 3.58, Virgo 4.40, Libra 5:26, Scorpio 6:15, Sagittarius 7:04, Capricorn 8:11, Aquarius 8:54, Pisces 9:36

Aries: 4 of Swords Reversed

This week suggests you are requiring some rest and respite, but may be feeling resistant to giving yourself a break. The 4 of Swords is a card that indicates ‘time out’, a period of mental silence is needed to gain a different perspective on things and it may be required due to something occurring to you recently that left you feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted. However, as this card is reversed, you may not be seeing how much you really need this time out. Take a breather Aries-your usual fire energy is depleted.

Taurus: The Tower

The Tower card represents sudden change which seems to come out of nowhere and strikes when you are least expecting. Though it can be a card that brings up fear in your mind, try and embrace it because something that has been building up in your life such as an inner conflict is about to come to a head and when the chaos has been moved through, a deep sense of calm will be restored and you will experience more peace. Remember, after the destruction and chaos comes The Star card, which is a card of healing and regeneration. Keep in mind the greater cycles of life and you will move through this with more grace.

Gemini: 5 of Wands Reversed

Petty arguments or conflict around the different directions you want to go this week is your theme Gemini. The 5 of Wands is a card where different fire energies are pulling on your heart to go different directions but you may feel stuck as to which direction you want to go.  Work on communication with others this week, and if there are no outward conflicts with others, work on communication within yourself towards a state of congruence so you can move towards the aligned state of the next card which is the 6 of Wands where all the energies are moving as one and in harmony.

Cancer:The Hierophant

Last week your card was the 10 of Wands where one last final push was indicated to get to where you want to go. Well, if you were focused, then the energy around you this week is one of ‘graduation’ or initiation. Such is one of the meanings of The Hierophant which can be an indication you have learned a great deal recently and are now initiated to take on the responsibility of ‘higher knowledge’ or wisdom. If you have been thinking about going back to university or taking on a new course of learning, this card suggests that you are on the right track. It can also be a sign that you are looking for some kind of mentor in your life to help illuminate your path.

Leo: 8 of Wands

Quick moving energies this week lead you to feel like you have momentum. The 8 of Wands suggests there are opportunities around you where you may need to take quick action on. If you are not alert, you may miss them. You are in flow this week Leo. The suit of Wands is your element which is fire and you are being lead to explore your creativity with flow or take actions that feel natural and easy to you. If this is not your current state, ask yourself how you might approach a particular situation with more ease and flow rather than one of pushing which exhausts you.

Virgo: 6 of Pentacles

From the 2 of Cups reversed last week which indicated a difficult balance with close relationships or creative or business partnerships, this week the balance of power is being restored. The 6 of Pentacles is a card which can indicate a situation where someone is showing generosity towards you or in the case of business, an organisation may be offering financial support to get something off the ground. The flip side of the meaning of this card is one where you may feel as if you have to beg for things you feel are just basic to human dignity and if this resonates with you, then it may be time to realise your innate worth and conclude that you don’t have to be in a state of not feeling as if you don’t deserve better things in life.

Libra: Page of Pentacles Reversed

While last week was a time to focus on close relationships and family matters, this week is a time to reconnect with your goals-specifically financial goals. However, it is important that you keep in mind the other aspects of your life such as how your goals affect others. The Page of Pentacles reversed suggests that at the moment you may only have short term goals in mind and not thinking about the bigger picture here. Being a sign where you have a theme of balance as indicated by the ‘balance scales’ in the pictorial symbol of your sign, this week follows on from last week where you must think about the bigger picture of what it is you want in your life while seeking to balance it with those around you and what is for your greatest good.

Scorpio: King Of Pentacles Reversed

Where are you feeling stubborn and inflexible Scorpio? Or perhaps it’s not you? There may be someone around this week who acts in selfish ways when it comes to the material aspects of life such as financial matters and other forms of wealth, or it could just be someone (yourself included) that is dominating others and acting in controlling ways. If you feel out of control this week causing you to want to control others, take a step back and write a list as to what you can relegate to others where you are allowing them to come up with their own solutions, and what you can do for yourself. Ask for help if you feel you need it, and try not to tell people HOW to help you-just that you need help.


What an interesting card for you to have this week given that the most recent full moon last week was in your sign. A moment has come in your life where it is time to allow a higher calling or the wisdom of your higher self to be the absolute guide of your life. Being the philosophical sign that you are, you are prone to over analyse things where you are coming from your head, not your heart. Now is the time to listen to your deepest emotional promptings which are free of anxiety and stress. The way you will know you are listening to your most wise yearnings is when you feel a sense of serenity when you are pondering whatever comes to mind when thinking about taking a certain action. Our deepest callings never have feelings of anxiousness about them-it is a deep stillness that comes from within. Allow this into your life this week through practices such as meditation, journalling, walking in nature or whatever it is that you do that gives you a sense of inner stillness so you can listen to the wisdom of your soul.

Capricorn: 7 of Pentacles

How did you go with last weeks challenge of prioritising your time where the Wheel of Fortune came up? This week the 7 of Pentacles is suggesting you chose well and have made some progress towards things you feel are important in your life. This week you can take stock of how far you have come regarding something around material or physical gain. If you have been making good choices around money or health recently, this week is a good time to stop and reflect on how far you have come. You may still not be exactly where you want to be, but you need to give yourself credit for what you have been able to achieve so far.

Aquarius:The Sun

You are on a roll Aquarius where last week the beautiful Ace of Cups came up suggesting new emotional beginnings, and this week you have the shining positive energy of The Sun. This card indicates enjoyment, prosperity, and favourable outcomes to any element in your life and is a time of harvest for past efforts. Embrace a carefree abandon and childlike spirit this week in all that you do. There is no room for too much seriousness this week, and if there are any areas of your life that feel stuck, breath light into them-imagine light resolving them in your meditations or reflections. You have luck on your side at the moment.

Pisces: Knight Of Cups

You are in your element this week Pisces! The Knight of Cups radiates honest emotional qualities and free creative expression. You are at home when you can sink into your watery imaginative self and spend time enjoying the delicious energy of romance either with another or just the romance of your own free spirit. The Knight Of Cups exudes charm and there is a sense that ‘the knight in shining armour’ is present with gifts to bestow on you. If you have been feeling stuck lately, this card suggests this week you will have more of a sense of being free and your emotions will unfreeze themselves and you will feel more ability to express yourself to others in ways that feel rewarding. Make the most of it!

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