How to ask yes or no questions in Tarot readings

Yes or no tarot questionsIt is often very tempting when you are faced with a load of self doubt to go and rush to your cards to see if you can get a favourable answer about whether or not you should take a certain action . Examples of this could be ‘Should I take that job?’ or ‘Should I ask that person out?’ or ‘Should I go to that conference even though I really don’t want to?’ Yes or no tarot questions should be approached with caution and most of all wisdom. First of all, if you are in an anxious state of mind, it is unwise to see if you can just flip a card or two to see what shows up. Getting a good answer requires you to slow down your mind and connect with your intuition and ponder what would be the best question to ask first. Consider the possibility that if you are just asking simple questions that could just as well be answered by flipping a coin, than you are not entirely taking responsibility for your life and perhaps leaving it to chance as to whether things will work out the way you would like them to work out. Yes or no Tarot questions are best asked when it feels like there are some high stakes at hand, and the choice feels like it will have consequences that have a reasonable amount of impact.

So what would be a good approach to your yes or no tarot questions?

Consider this scenario. You have been working really hard  in your job lately, yet things have been rough and you are not quite sure of your future employment in this work place because the business has been on the rocks.  People around you at work have started applying for other jobs and leaving because of the instability within the business. You have been invited to a work colleagues farewell dinner, however you feel hugely resistant to going. You don’t even really know this person that well, but you have benefited from their presence in terms of what they have taught you on the job as they have been there longer than you. What you really want to do is stay home and relax and escape into a good book or movie to give yourself some time to recover from your long days or have some head space to think about what other job you would like to do.  However, you feel quite obligated to go and you worry about the consequences of not showing up to support this colleague and what it might look like to your other colleagues or boss if you were not there.

Try these types of questions…

Yes Or No Tarot Questions

You know the right thing to do is to go, but are tempted to just stay at home anyway. So, you turn to your cards. You ask two questions and draw one card after each question asked. Question 1. ‘If I choose not to go tonight, what insight might I need to know about this choice? Question 2. If I choose to go, what insight would be helpful for the night ahead?’

Look at the two cards drawn and note if either of them are reversed or upright and read their meanings accordingly. Now, what is the energy of each card? Is it clear that one has more of a positive meaning or energy than the other card? And if so, which question was it attached to? Is it clear there are negative consequences attached to one choice based on the cards you have drawn? Then take note of your inner feelings about the energy of each card and how it relates to your question. It will become clear to you which choice you should make after doing this exercise, even if the cards seem similar-you will get an indicator one way or the other as to which choice you should make.

Deep down you already know the answer…

Sometimes even when we don’t want to take a certain action but kind of know we should take the action and the cards are giving us a nudge to go ahead with it, it can give us the energy and positive attitude needed to move forward knowing what archetype or symbol to draw on while you take that action. You may find that if the cards indicated you should go to this dinner and you decide to go, you may just end up having a great time because you shifted your mind set. Or, perhaps you decided not to go despite the cards indicating it would be a good idea to go because your inner guide completely resisted what the cards suggested. The answer is in your feelings about what has been suggested to you.

Remember, Tarot cards are just a guide and a tool for deeper insight. They are not meant to be heavily relied on to completely direct your life. You have free will and the freedom to create whatever life you choose.


6 thoughts on “How to ask yes or no questions in Tarot readings”

  1. Very good website with a lot to read but it held my attention for sure.

    I have an history with the tarot and know how powerful they can be, what you write is accurate and should be heeded.

    Thank you this is just the kind of website I like to look at when taking time away from my very busy life style.

    1. Thanks David! Glad my message resonates with you and you feel I am offering something of value. Really good to know. 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Hi Liz!
    Great website with good visuals. Very attractive and it drew me to your website almost immediately. One suggestion I might have when reading through your page is that the paragraphs are quite long. It would be much easier to read if you were somehow able to divide the sections up. Possibly make a list! Those dont require too much attention span. Keep up the good work and GL!

    1. Thanks Jeff! Glad you liked it. Yeah lots of work to do on this website still! I am still undecided about the WP theme, but just focussing on content at this point. Thanks for your suggestions. 🙂

  3. Here I am again enjoying one of your articles! I love how you have explained everything clearly without leaving a question in my mind unanswered.I might trying doing this one of these days! The tarot card seems really helpful in choosing the best decisions! I might be able to try doing things I never would’ve done by simply relying on my instinct!

    1. Hey Lynn. Really glad you are enjoying my content. Thanks again. I have been amazed at what Tarot has clarified for me-even when initially it doesn’t seem right-it usually makes perfect sense later on. It is a study that you never quite finish and the more you look into to it, the more you get from it. Mysterious and amazing and I can’t explain why the cards end up being relevant to the situation you are enquiring about, but they just are!

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